This is a love story – Giveaway Oficina da Formiga

And it is …
I met “OF Ceramics” or in portuguese “Oficina da Formiga” through a blog … sometimes it happens. When I visited their website, it was a kind of love at first sight. Those pieces of Portuguese faience … so wistful and picturesque, once so normal in any home, are now small rediscovered treasures. Even greater my surprise when I realized it was just a mere 4km from my house. I think the launch of “No Leftovers” was the perfect excuse to create this synergy.
This project is as commendable, as the people who made it flourish: Jorge and Milú. Always available, arms and heart open, and a huge smile. This week I had the pleasure of knowing their work more closely … full of mysteries and secrets, made with love and dedication, from the cutout design, to the cooking.
Take a peek at this video:

No one makes things like this any more …
The “OF Ceramics ” is growing for 25 years, and has done an outstanding job in taking what is so Portuguese beyond seas. Take a look at their online store and be as hooked as I was/am. Or if you want to see up close all the products here are all the contacts.


And because it’s so good to share good things, this week we have a giveway (available for Portugal only). To qualify to win a Heart Cup Size 4, consult the regulations in the “No Leftovers” Facebook page.

Good luck!