Green Apple and Vanilla Cake

Another year passed. We got older, met new people , made mistakes, dreamed a lot, traveled a little, experienced new things. With the new year comes new resolutions, which often are nothing but words, or actions that will soon become ephemeral .
I really need to implement my resolutions: exercise more (I can’t always due to lack of time, laziness, and because of the cold … ), try to be less anxious, keep it down (sometimes I find myself talking a bit above the normal decibel … ) ,cut my hair (this is not yet fully defined ) ,improve my photo skills and most importantly of all : ONE more! Having a baby … this new year will give me that.
Of course this has nothing to do with this apple and vanilla cake, but I think it’s important for us to define our goals and objectives. Even if they fail or prove fruitless, they’re our’s. It’is our capacity to dream. And that’s what keep’s us going. Have a great 2014!!

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3 Apples
170g butter
200g of sugar
200g Wheat Flour
1 tbsp Yeast
1 teaspoon of extract of tea bauniha
5 Eggs

Turn the oven to 200 º C.
Beat the butter with sugar until obtain a whitish mix.
Add the eggs one by one and keep beating .
Add the vanilla extract, the sifted flour and the baking powder .
Place the dough in a greased and floured mold.
Peel 3 apples and cut them into circles .
Place the slices on top and bakee for about 40 minutes .
Let the cake cool before unmolding .