Puff Pastery and Parmesan Grissini’s

Finally some nice weather! Enough to lift our spirits. After the first trimester of pregnancy, I’m finaly rid of sickness and I am back to normal again. Now I can cook without any unconfort (just the belly against the counter), and I’m enjoying cooking again!

These grissini’s by Rudolph Van Veen are addictive: ideal for a picnic, a starter or a party! You can use other cheeses, or even don’t add any cheese at all and serve as is. What matters is that you can finally enjoy long and good weather days, and the beautiful outdoors!


TIME: 45 min

250g of puff pastry (approx. 1 pack, I used square)
1 egg for brushing
50g of grated Parmesan
Sea salt and Cumin for sprinkling (optional)

Preheat the oven to 180ºC.
Place the dough on a surface and divide it into two equal-sized rectangles.
Beat the egg with a fork and brush one side of one of the rectangles.
Place the grated Parmesan cheese on that side and place the other puff pastry sheet over it.
Pass the rolling pin so that the two sheets of pastry stick together.
Brush the surface with the egg and at this stage you can sprinkle with the cumin and the sea salt. You can choose other flavors: oregano or other dried herbs, seeds, paprika, etc. Cut into strips (2-3 cm wide) and separate them.
Bake for 20-30 minutes but keep watching. Remove them when they are well browned.
I removed them and let them cool 10 minutes before serving.