Sweet beginnings!

Today I bring you a Christmas recipe, although coming a little late, deserves to be shared. I had stumbled in a few stuffed French toast recipes, but honestly I was so afraid they were to muck sickening and sweet that I never dared to try. Initially my idea was to use the portuguese eggs filling , but the dulce de leche is as equally indulgent option.


And here they are: as decandentes, delicious and sinful as they seem! Hey, not everything has to be healthy, right ?! What better way to start 2016?
Happy new year everyone!


TIME: 45min

1 Baguette (hard)
1 cup of milk
2 eggs
1/2 can of dulce de leche
2 cups of vegetable oil for frying
2 tbsp of White Sugar + 1 tbsp of Cinnamon (powder) for sprinkling


Cut the bread into slices about 5cm wide. With a small knife make a cut through the slice (as if making a sandwich) and with a spoon put some dulce de leche inside.
Fill all the slices and set aside.
In a bowl beat the eggs and stir in the milk. Set aside.
In another bowl put the sugar and cinnamon and set aside.
Put the oil in the pan and let it warm up.
Pass the bread slices in the egg mixture with the milk and fry on both sides until golden brown.
Remove them from the oil, let it drain briefly on paper towels and then roll it on the cinnamon and sugar.





Green Apple Ice Cream…Summer Remnants

Well, looks like it’s official that Autumn is approaching … but I say this because I live on the coast, where summers are always fresh, windy and with foggy mornings. I think truly in our hearts we are still waiting for the summer that never came … think you still have room for one more ice cream? I guess so.


Do you know what I like about this recipe? It’s simplicity. It’s made ​​with all those things that we have at home … and it results in a low calories creamy ice cream with lots of fruit in disguise! Ideal for kids, and free from guilt. And by the way, and since today it’s my birthday, instead of a huge cake full of candles to remember the passage of years, I think I’ll get through today with this icecream … it makes me feel less old.


Recipe adapted from here.
TIME: 60 min

150ml of  milk
125 Sugar
200ml cream
450g Green Apples

In a pan put the milk, sugar and cream.
Wash, peel and grate the apples and add them to the pan.
Leave the mix to heat, but when it starts to boil turn the heat off.
Let it set aside for 15 minutes.
Grind well, let the mixture cool and then place it in a bowl you can use in the freezer.
If you don’t want it’s not mandatory to beat the icecream with the machine. You can let it freeze until ready to serve and is will be very creamy.
If you choose to use an icecream machine, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


Flan Pudding

The most basic pudding ever: eggs, milk, sugar and vanilla! Never fails!

2 1

TIME: 80 min

4 eggs
1 vanilla bean
350ml milk
5 tbsp White Sugar
Liquid caramel

In a saucepan add the milk and the vanilla bean. Let it warm (not boil).
In another bowl beat the eggs with the sugar with a whisker.
Add the milk to the eggs, stir and put the mixture in a form with caramel.
Bake in a preheated (180 ° C) oven in a warm water bath for 60 min.
Let it cool completely before unmolding.

Milk Tarts

Milk Tarts are always great … I like them hot or cold, with or without cinnamon! Andas soon as they’re out of the oven there is always a hand that appears to steal one here, another there … just one more!

The truth is that they are so easy to make and delicious that this a very handy recipe for those days when we just want something sweet.


SERVES: 12 tarts

1/2 L of milk
50g butter
2 Whole Eggs
1 coffe spoon of Cinnamon Powder
200g of sugar
100g Wheat Flour

Heat the milk with the butter, just until it melts.
Place all ingredients in the blender and mix.
Put in molds (I used silicone molds) and take to preheated oven ( at170 º C) for 20 to 25 minutes depending on the size of the forms.
They should stay with a gold surface.
Let them cool, unmold and serve with or without cinnamon.