Strawberry, Mint and Mandarin Popsicle

The sun is back, along with the blue sky, legs out of the trousers … I think it’s officially open the season of ice creams, right? At least here at home is … lately I’ve been delighted with popsicles as they combine the best of the fruit with the freshness of ice. And how much more interesting are the fruit stands this season?!
Besides being super simple to prepare, they’re also ideal to do with and for children: fat free, low sugar and above all you can adapt them to your liking! This is my favorite: a real vitamin C bomb.




SERVE: 6 (depending on the size of the forms)
15 min

300g strawberries
Juice of 5 Mandarins (or 2 oranges)
3 tbsp of white sugar (or 4 of honey)
5 mint leaves

Wash the strawberries and remove the leaves. Put them in a blender along with the juice of mandarins and the mint leaves.
Grind for a few minutes, fill the forms and place them in the freezer for 6 hours.
Before removing the icecreams, it helps to pass the molds under water for a few seconds.