Milk Tarts

Milk Tarts are always great … I like them hot or cold, with or without cinnamon! Andas soon as they’re out of the oven there is always a hand that appears to steal one here, another there … just one more!

The truth is that they are so easy to make and delicious that this a very handy recipe for those days when we just want something sweet.


SERVES: 12 tarts

1/2 L of milk
50g butter
2 Whole Eggs
1 coffe spoon of Cinnamon Powder
200g of sugar
100g Wheat Flour

Heat the milk with the butter, just until it melts.
Place all ingredients in the blender and mix.
Put in molds (I used silicone molds) and take to preheated oven ( at170 º C) for 20 to 25 minutes depending on the size of the forms.
They should stay with a gold surface.
Let them cool, unmold and serve with or without cinnamon.