Seabass in Papillote with Ginger, Lemon and Thyme

Finally a sunny afternoon. Not a hot one, but the fact that you can go outside without eminent concern of being caught off guard by the rain, is a comforting feeling that I’ve been longing.
We took the Saturday afternoon to visit some spots I haven’t seen for over ten years. Some remain exactly the same … other surprisingly better. Murtosa, São Jacinto are Torreira are villages in Aveiro and altough they are so close to the city, for lack of a bridge desired for many years you end up separated by a 45 minute car ride. Always very attached to things of the sea, they are a mixture of summer atrations and usual residence for quite a few families still involved in fishing, or military service, given the proximity to the base.
And with the smell of the sea in our hearts, and the promise of sunny days ahead, the lunch was perfect to taste summer and all the good things. A papillote for seabass. Only fresh fish, some nice flavors and lots of love.

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2 Seabass ( approx. 300g each)
1 Bunch of Fresh Thyme
1 lemon
Salt and pepper qs
1 Stem of fresh Ginger

Start by doing some longitudinal cuts in the fish, as seen in the photo.
Put a lemon slice in those cuts .
Fill the belly of the fish with the remaining lemon , ginger cut into pieces and thyme .
Season the fish with salt and pepper on both sides .
Cut about 60 cm of parchment paper.
Place one fish per sheet.
Close the parchment paper so that the steam created during the cooking does not escape.
Bake in pre- heated oven-180 º C for 15 minutes.
This time varies depending on the size of the fish, so always check before removing.
Serve the fish with boiled vegetables.